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We’re Number 1! (Again!)

Well folks, for the first time since the All-Star break, the Angels are el numero uno in Sports Illustrated’s MLB Power Rankings.  Not that this actually MEANS anything.  It’s not like baseball works on a ludicrous system like the BCS rankings.  You win more games, you’re ahead of the team who doesn’t.  No computerized ranking system necessary to figure that one out.  So, SI.com saying you’re the best team in baseball right now doesn’t mean a **** thing.

But it sure is pretty to look at, isn’t it?


Ain’t It Pretty?

Mlbstandings2_2(click on the image to view it full size in another window)

Now, ain’t that pretty?  I have to say, this is the first time I can remember looking at the standings halfway through the season and seeing the Angels with the best record in baseball.  I’m used to seeing the Angels nowhere near that record after about three games into the season.  And now I’m getting spoiled, seeing my team win as such.

When I was about 14, I kept a clipping from the Orange County Register on a bulletin board in my room.  It was a clipping of the standings, just like this one.  It was from mid or late August, and showed the Angels tied for the division lead with the Athletics. And it stayed on my bulletin board for years.

My bulletin board is long gone, but this .jpg will stay on my hard drive for years to come, too.

Because today, the Angels have the best record in baseball.