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For Chris, the Ultimate Baseball Collector

I’ve barely scratched the surface of the wonderful blogs baseball fans keep here at MLBlogs.com, and already I’ve found a few that have become almost required reading (see the list in the sidebar).  One of this belongs to Chris over at The Ultimate Baseball Collector, as fine a young baseball fan as you’ll ever meet.  His blog is a more interesting read and better written than many by people more than twice his age.

A few days ago, he posted an entry about his new baseball glove, and I promised I’d post some pics of mine.  So Chris, this entry is for you.


As you can see, my glove has seen a lot of games and plenty of fun in its nearly twenty years!


In the 1980’s, I was a HUGE Orel Hershiser  fan.  His 1988 season was the greatest example of pitching excellence I have ever seen, and his determination, tenacity, and work ethic were a great example for me as a teenager.  It was easy to see why he earned the nickname "Bulldog."

So, when I saw this glove, I knew I had to have it.  As you can see above this mitt commemorates his outstanding 1988 season, with his accomplishments branded into the glove along with his signature.  While this glove probably would have been better served as a collector’s item, sitting in a case somewhere unused and never dirty, it has served me much better as a great mitt.


Yeah, it’s fraying along the edges.  The cloth "Louisville Slugger" emblems are frayed to ****.  The plastic lining is cracked and falling off.  The wrist padding doesn’t pad so well anymore.  If it were a baseball card, you’d probably think I put it in the spokes of my bike.

But a card this ain’t.  It’s a baseball glove, being used as is was made to.  And while it may not be as pretty as the day it came off the shelf, to me it’s beautiful.

And if I take care of it, it will last me the rest of my life.