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I Have A Fan!

Many thanks to Patricia Medina of Los Lunas, Mexico!  It’s always nice to see that somebody out there is reading what you write, and even nicer when they take the time out of their day to comment on it.

BenjimolinaI also agree with you on the Molina Brothers.  It was always a joy having Jose and Benji on the Angels, and I was sorry to see Benji go a few years ago.  Last year, I was at a game against the Toronto Blue Jays where Jose caught for us and Benji caught for them.  Early in the game, Benji singled and then stole second on his brother!  It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen at a ballgame!  Benji Molina has many, many skills, but quick feet are definitely not among them, so to see this lumbering catcher stealing second not just to get in scoring position but to show up his little brother was enough to make me laugh until their were tears in my eyes!

I should also mention what a great guy Benji Molina is.  Earlier that day, he did an autograph signing at a baseball card shop a good friend of mine works at.  He stayed as long as it took, signing autographs for everybody who showed up, and the only charge was the donation of a toy for charity.  There was a little girl there about 7 or 8 years old who was the biggest Benji Molina fan I’ve ever seen, and she sat with him the whole time he was there, and won a game-used bat from him in a raffle at the end!  The nice part was that he hand-delivered the bat to her at the game that night, giving her a big hug right by the dugout.

That right there made me a Molina fan for life.