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Same Old Blog, New Address

Anaheimstadium_2As I’m quite sure that nobody here has every seen the precursor to this blog, this is hardly a necessary, but I would be remiss were I not to post a link to my prior efforts  at a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim blog.

In an honest self-reflection, I am a bit pissed at myself for aborting such a good start to blogging an entire season.  I burned out on blogging far too early, and with the brilliance the Angels have shown thus far this season, had I stuck with it there’s a **** good chance my last entry for that blog would have been about a World Series victory.  But alas, I’ll just have to ignore that and blog simply about and because of my love for baseball.

Of course, not all is lost.  As this is (technically) a new blog, I can always mine my prior blog for material!  Much like NBC’s "If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!" marketing strategy for their summer reruns a few years ago, the same holds true for everything I’ve ever written about baseball.  So forgive me if I retread old tires to fill space here.

As I write this, the Pirates are up 4-0 on Joe Saunders and the Angels at Anaheim.  Keep hope alive!