Red Sox To Lose World Series

Okay, so I wasn’t too bad with my last predictions.  I got the Rockies right, but was wrong on the number of games it would take.  I got the Red Sox wrong, but was right on the number of games.  So, with an hour to go before game time, I suppose I should make my prediction for the World Series.

It’s a tough one.  I hate the Red Sox (for obvious reasons), but they are the better team in every way.  Plus, they have home field advantage.  While the Colorado Rockies have a lot of momentum going their way, they also had an eight-day layoff, and the Red Sox have the momentum coming back from a 3-1 deficit to the Indians.

But with all this, Boston has one fatal flaw going against them.  Rudy Guiliani is rooting for them.

I know, that doesn’t sound so bad.  Of course, this proves that Rudy is a huge hypocrite and opportunist.  I mean, how can a true Yankees fan root for the Red Sox in any circumstance?  Can you imagine a Sox fan doing the same thing?  It’s impossible.  The only reason Rudy is cheering for a Sox victory is not because he’s "an American League guy" like he says.  It’s because Colorodo is a solid Republican state he doesn’t have to worry about, and the New Hampshire primary is coming up soon, and most of those in New Hampshire happen to be Red Sox fans.  But incredibly brash political moves does not make a fatal flaw for the Red Sox on their own.  No, it takes much more than that.

It’s the curse of Rudy Giuliani that will do it.  I brought this to the attention of the three or four people who occasionally read my blog a year ago when the Yankees got bounced in the first round, and nothing this year broke it.  In case you’re clicky-impaired, here’s the actual text I wrote in 2006:

"Ever since Boston won the World Series in ’04 talk has sprung up of
a new curse, this one on the Yankees. It doesn’t have the vintage of
"The Curse of the Bambino." It’s only had a few years to age, rather
than 86 years, and nobody can pinpoint the grapes from which it was
Some say it’s the curse of A-Rod, others point to Jeter being made
Captain, others point to the loss of certain players, especially Paul
O’Neill. But, ladies and gents, I have the answer right here. I alone
hold the key to the new Yankees curse. Oh, how I wish I had more
readers to unveil this to. Perhaps one day when hundreds of you log in
daily, you’ll find your way back here and see the genius that is Sid.
With that, I unveil to you the cause of the newest curse in baseball:


(Rudy Giuliani, above, shoots invisible curse lasers at the Yankees with his eyes) That’s right, folks, you read it here first:  Former New York City Mayor is the cause of all the Yankees woes since 2001.

"Say it ain’t so, Sid!" you may say. Or, "Sid, you’re nothing but a
spineless liberal **** who wants the terrorists to win!" Well, please
allow me to put down by "Go Terrorists!" sign and the "Bin Laden #1"
foam finger and retort. See folks, this has nothing to do with
politics. This has to do with happenstance.

I base this claim not on Giuliani himself (though he is completely
to blame), but on on network TV. You see, ever since 9/11/01, EVERY
******* GAME at Yankee Stadium in the playoffs you’ve seen Rudy
Giuliani in the stands wearing his Yankees cap. Now, maybe he was there
every game before that wearing the same stupid hat, or maybe he’s just
doing it so people will remember his "heroic deeds" (like sitting
through 6 years of Yankees chokes) for the ’08 Presidential election.
In this lifetime, that’s not for me to call. But I DO know that, before
9/11, none of the networks gave a **** where Rudy was. After 9/11, his
ugly mug filled my TV screen at least 4-5 times at every Yankees
playoff home game. In that span? The Yanks are 3-3 in the ALDS (two of
those losses courtesy of the Angels, thank you very much). They’re 2-1
in the ALCS, and (gasp) they’re 0-2 in the World Series.

As Mayor of New York City, I’m sure Rudy was at all those playoffs
from ’96 to ’00 when the Yanks were unstoppable. But his face (and that
damned hat) weren’t on my TV screen. ****, only maybe three or four
people west of Manhattan would have known who he was, so it’s much
better to show the crazy drunk guy with no shirt. So therefore, it’s
not Rudy HIMSELF who’s bad luck. It’s when they show him on TV that the
Yankees are doomed.

So Yanks, it doesn’t matter how high your payroll is or how studly
your lineup, so long as Fox and ESPN keep showing Rudy in those great
seats during the playoffs, you’re gonna lose.

You Mets fans should hope he doesn’t show up at Shea with a Blue and Orange "NY" hat in the next series…"

And this held true this year.  Because FOX is little more than the information network of the Republican Party, if Rudy shows up at a game, they’ll show him on TV.  And, as Rudy is running for president, you bet he’ll take every opportunity to get his face out there he can.

You can bet that, with the New Hampshire Primary coming up in a couple months, Rudy will be in Fenway for a game.  And you can bet the camera will show him.

Red Sox fans, you better pray they don’t.  If they do, you might as well hand the Rockies the World Series trophy.

Prediction:  Rockies in 6.



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