League Championship Series!

Time once again to show how absolutely horrible I am at prognosticating the winners of playoff series.

For the record, in the last round I was 1-3, successfully picking only the Diamondbacks.  Of course, in no series was I even close in guessing the number of games that would be played…

So with that, here are my picks for the League Championship Series:

NLCS: Is anybody even going to watch this?  It’s kind of sad that this won’t grab any attention outside the Arizona-Colorado markets (other than those who just love baseball), as this will probably be a terrific series.  Both teams are young, full of talent, and running on adrenaline.  Arizona has an edge on pitching, but honestly, how can you pick against the Rockies?  This is a tough one, but going with the incredible September and huge upset over the Phillies, I’m gonna pick the Rockies in 6.

ALCS: Here’s one I’m gonna use my heart over my head.  Boston is a juggernaut, and everything has come together for this team this year (which is good, because they ain’t getting any younger.)  Except for Kenny Lofton, whose T-206 tobacco card recently outsold Honus Wagner’s at auction, is the only old thing about Cleveland.  But youth doesn’t work in the Indians’ favor this time, as Boston knows what their doing (I still have a black eye from the ALDS).  But the 2007 Indians remind me a lot of the 2002 Angels, so I’m an Indians fan.  Besides, I HATE the Red Sox!  They’ve smacked the Angels around in the playoffs one too many times.  I’m going with Indians in 7.

There you have my predictions.  Be sure to stop by here and leave a comment during game one of the World Series, when the Diamondbacks play the Red Sox.



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