Turn Out The Lights

Alds_2Pray for a miracle.  That’s all we can do.  The Red Sox are owning us so far.

Yeah, I just got done with a live blog, but I’m writing a new one because I want the point I made in that entry to be made even clearer.

More than a month ago, I liveblogged  a game against the Mariners where I said this:

"But yeah, K-Rod is a disaster in the making.  Ralph Branca.  Donnie Moore.  Bill Buckner.

Soon enough, mark my words, K-Rod will find his name among those."

So it wasn’t as big a game as any of those three blew.  I was still right.



  1. mike.los@lhsc.on.ca

    Turn on the headlights and get out those loveable Rally Monkeys…

    Bring it on!

    I still can’t understand why mananger Mike Scioscia had the Angels best player (Garret Anderson) in the lineup to face the music of the Red Sox with 20/20 vision in only one good eye.

    Go Angels Go!

  2. martinloneykemp@hotmail.com

    My predictions

    1: The Angels won’t see a World Series for the next 10 years, so long as the Red Sox are around to give them the smackdown.

    2: The fake rocks will make Edsio .. Anahei.. Angels Stadium of Los Angeles nice and modern.

    3: Garret Anderson will fail to crack a smile in 2008. Nobody will be surprised.

    4: Jim Edmonds will get run out of town for an alleged bad attitude. He will go on to be win 6 NL Gold Gloves and slug 13 post-season homeruns. Oops, that one already happened.

    5: Once again, I’ll be thankful the Angels have only made one World Series appearance in 47 years of existence, and are hardly in a position to talk smack about the Dodgers.

    BTW, thanks Sid for visiting the Dodgers Blog.

  3. Sid

    My response to martinloneykemp@hotmail.com, who will soon have to change his email address (try kentgonzalezgarciaparra@hotmail.com, I bet it’s not taken.)

    1. Unlike some teams in the greater LA area, the Angels seem set on improving, instead of giving in to the wishes of a crybaby 40-year-old second baseman and a manager who couldn’t lead the Dodgers to the Little League World Series.

    2. I agree. I hate the rocks in centerfield, and wish they’d get rid of them. Put the Big A back where it belongs.

    3. Probably true, but I did see him smile a lot in the 2nd half of this season, when he was having an incredible resurgence. Again, unlike a certain 2nd baseman and an outfielder who had one great 57 home run year in the middle of the Steroid Era…

    4. I don’t blame him. Had I played for the Angels in the 90’s, I probably would have had a bad attitude too. I was thrilled to see him win it all last year. But how about that Mike Piazza, Paul LoDuca, Sean Green, Adrien Beltre, Pedro Martinez… geez, there’s so many…

    5. That’ll change for me before it does for you. Yeah, we have a laughable name. Yeah, we’re a much younger club. Yeah, it took them 41 years to win a World Series. But let’s look at that:

    -By the Dodgers 41st season, they were still 31 years away from winning it all.

    -It’s been 5 years since we’ve won it all. There are people serving in Iraq who weren’t born when the Dodgers last won it.

    -It’s been a long two years since we’ve won a playoff series. It’s been a long twenty for you.

    -We have the best & brightest that Tommy Lasorda trained and groomed leading us. You have Grady Little.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and doing it through the anonymity of the internet, showing how brave you truly are!

    Also, thanks for being a complete idiot. My National League team has always been the Dodgers, and I make no qualms about expressing my frustration with the directions the club has taken in the last decade.

    But thanks for playing along! You’ve shown you have the stuff to be a Yankees fan. Some of them still shout “1918!” whenever the Red Sox come to town…

  4. Sid

    No, it’s “1988!”

    If I were you guys, I’d call Orel Hershiser and see how his shoulder is feeling.

    Couldn’t be any worse than Jason Schmidt.

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