Live Blogging – ALDS Game 2 – 10/5 vs. Red Sox


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6:04 PM:  Bottom of the 1st, 0-0:  Boy, it sure seems like there’s an exciting game being played right now.  Sure wish I could watch it.  Unfortunately, Joba Chamberlain picked today to show the world that he is human, and blew a 1-0 lead for the Yankees in Game 2 of their half of the ALDS, and the Yankees and Indians are tied up 1-1 in the top of the 11th.

So, I have to follow it pitch-by-pitch on

Congrats, Joba.  You just made the list.

6:10 PM:  Bottom of the 1st, 2 out, 0-0:  OK, update:  I’m an idiot.  Thank goodness my father has a brain on his shoulders and switched over to TNT, or I’d still be watching the lame pitch-by-pitch.

So Escobar is throwing lots of pitches.  Great.  Nothing inspires confidence like base runners.

****.  Lowell walks, loading the bases.  Only two walks this inning.  I suppose I should feel a bit comfortable that J.D. Drew is batting, but I don’t.

And there’s why.  J.D. Drew drives in two.  Yeah, two walks in the inning, and now we’re down 2-0 in the first inning.

Pray that Matsuzaka panics like Escobar is doing.

6:30 PM:  Top of the 2nd, 1 out, 2-0 Boston:  Man on first and third, one out…  At least we’re getting base runners tonight!  Mathis up.  I have to hand it to the Angels, they seem to have shown up more offensively tonight than they did Wednesday.

WOOHOO!  Fielder’s choice, Kendry Morales scores!  Angels on the board!

Figgins up.  Gotta love Chone Figgins and his blog.  The only thing I don’t understand is how "C-H-O-N-E" sounds like "S-E-A-N."

Wait…  YANKEES JUST LOST!  OK, I’m happy for the Indians, but I’m not a huge Yankees hater, soYankeeschoke
I’m not jumping up and down with glee.  But now, the Yankees are SCREWED.  And poor, poor A-Rod…  0-for-4 with 3 K’s.  He’s gonna hear it tomorrow.

Orlando Cabrera doubles!  Angels take the lead!  First time I’ve been happy watching a ballgame since Wednesday!


6:46 PM: Top of the 3rd, no outs, 3-2 Angels:  Garrett Anderson’s eye must be better today, because he’s 2-for-2, just blooped a double into right field.  And now he gets caught at third…  Dammit.  Maybe that eye isn’t so great.

Izturis steals second while Kotchman bats.  OK, so that takes away the double play and puts a man back in scoring position.  Casey Kotchman hits it up the middle, out, but Izturis moves to third.  IF it weren’t for that steal, that would have been a double play.  Once again proving how the Angels win.

Ah, Morales flies out.  Inning over.

7:06 PM: Top of the 4th, no outs, 3-2 Angels:  Escobar has finally found his footing, getting out of last inning with only a walk to David Ortiz.  It’s a shame Lackey couldn’t look this good on Wednesday, but then again, it wouldn’t have mattered if he channeled Sandy Koufax, he still would have lost.

Kendrick singles to lead off the inning!  Three straight innings the leadoff batter has got on base!

Matsuzaka has thrown over 75 pitches so far.  This is what happens when the Angels play their game.  Ack, Mathis pops out to Varitek.  One out.

Figgins hit it sharp, but Youkilis makes a diving stop to get Figgins.  2 out, Kendrick on 2nd.  So now it’s gonna take a hit by Orlando Cabrera to go up by another run.  No such luck, OC grounds out to 2nd.  Middle of the 4th, Angels lead 3-2.

7:16 PM: Bottom of the 4th, 1 out, 3-2 Angels:  I’m not sure who is doing the commentary for tonight’s game, but they’re not too bad.  Of course, Timmy and Jimmy from South Park would make a better announcing team than Hudler and Physioc.  But one of the announcers just said "If the Angels can hold the lead through the 6th inning, they have Speier, Shields, and K-Rod, and nobody hits them very well."  I had to laugh, as apparently these postseason announcers haven’t watched much Angels baseball the second half of the season.  Especiall Shields and Rodriguez.

Two outs.  Coco Crisp singles on a bunt, then steals second.  With two outs, I hope he doesn’t care about the runner too much.  Especially with Lugo at the plate.  Sure, you gotta be careful with any hitter, but Manny or Papi he ain’t.

Lugo strikes out looking for Escobar’s 5th K of the night.  On to the 5th inning!  Let’s go Angels!

7:41 PM:  Bottom of the 5th, no outs, 3-2 Angels:  Dice-K didn’t last 5.  They pulled him with 2 outs in the top of the inning.  I wouldn’t say he pitched badly, just that he didn’t look like a $100 million man.

Pedroia gets a lead-off double, bring up Kevin Youkilis.

There’s something I just don’t like about Youkilis.  Every time I see him, he’s whining about some play or call or something.  Thankfully, he’s out on a check swing.  Pedroia moves to third, one out.  Intentional walk to Ortiz.  Can’t say I blame them; set up the double play.  Not like "Big Papi" is much of a stolen base threat either.

This says a lot about the opinion they have of Manny Ramirez.  It used to be death to walk Ortiz, as Manny would make you pay for it.  ****, it wouldn’t surprise me if I jinxed it and he makes them pay for it here.  But with Manny’s injuries this year, I suppose they don’t see him as much of a threat.  Manny pops up to the right of home plate, and Mathis almost has a play, but a fan gets it.  If that had happened in Anaheim, a million crybabies from "Red Sox Nation" would be shouting "STEVE BARTMAN!" right now.  0-2 to Ramirez.

****, the announcers just jinxed it, I know it.  They said "Escobar has only allowed 11 home runs this year, and Ramirez has only hit one against him."  I hate when they do that.  Nope, they walked him.  Bases loaded.

Lowell drives it into Center Field, sacrifice fly.  Pedroia scores.  Dammit.  Let’s go, Escobar!  Scot Shields is up in the bullpen.  Come on, one more out!  Drew is batting.  I jinxed it last time, so I’ll keep my mouth shut this time and not mention what a disappointing crybaby J.D. Drew has been his whole career.  Full count.  Now he’s fouling them off like he’s Kirk Gibson or something.  9 pitch at bat, Drew grounds out to Kotchman at first.

But the Red Sox tie it up.

8:11 PM:  Bottom of the 6th, no outs, 3-3:  Shields in for Escobar, strikes out Jason Varitek for the first out.  This is where I get nervous.  A year ago the bullpen was the strongest part of the Angels team.  Flash forward to the second half of the 2007 season, and it’s become ulcer-inducing and tough to watch.

Speaking of which, Shields walks Coco Crisp.  Great, now Crisp is on.  Just what we need, a speedy guy on the bases.  And considering that Shields couldn’t get the ball down in that at bat, I’ll admit I’m worried.

Darren Oliver warming up in the bullpen.  In 2004, the Angels lost the ALDS in a sweep to the Red Sox because they didn’t have a single lefty in the bullpen.  Thank God for Oliver, otherwise they’d have to somehow bring Jarrod Washburn back to pitch to Ortiz in an extra innings situation.  Oh wait, that happened in 2004.  Washburn threw one pitch.  Ortiz put it in the stands.

OK, that was weird…  Lugo pops out to Center Field, Crisp loses the ball, goes back, and he’s out at second…  Oh, apparently Crisp passed 2nd base and didn’t touch 2nd on his way back to first.  Oh, Terry Francona has to LOVE that.  Mental errors always make a manager happy!  On to the 7th, 3-3 tie.

8:24 PM: top of the 7th, 1 out, 3-3:  Vladimir Guerrero just got hit in the left shoulder, and he is none too happy about it.  Can’t say I blame him, this guy has had a target painted on him the last month or so.  It didn’t look like it was done purposefully, but it is odd that the only guy racking up HBP numbers for the Angels recently has been their big hitter.  I wouldn’t be surprised in Ortiz gets one under the chin next time he’s up.

Pitching change.  Guerrero is OK, I probably should have mentioned that.  Hideki Okajima in.  Watching this guy is strange.  I’ve never seen a pitcher who actually turns his head away as he throws the ball.  He doesn’t even look at the target as he releases the pitch.

Garrett Anderson at bat.  That eye still looks bad.  There was an article in the Orange County Register today where Mike Scioscia expressed surprise about Anderson saying his eye was affecting his vision in Game 1.  Apparently, Anderson had told Scioscia that everything was OK.  It goes to show, managers should not trust players when it comes to injuries.  Of course, tonight he’s 2-for-2, so any speculation about the first game is moot.  3-2 count to GA.  Flies out to center.  He’s now 2-for-3.  2 outs.

Izturis strikes out.  On to the bottom of the 7th, score tied, Ortiz due up.

8:47 PM: Bottom of the 7th, 2 out, 3-3:  So Shields comes in, gets a couple of outs, then delivers back-to-back walks to Ortiz and Ramirez.  Admittedly, Papi had a great at bat, fouling off a few.  But for Manny, Scot Shields couldn’t get the ball below the shoulders.  He comes out, has some great at-bats, then some lousy ones.

And people wonder why I’m nervous.

Thankfully, he gets Lowell to pop out to Figgins.  End of the 7th.  Still tied.

9:12 PM: Bottom of the 8th, no outs, 3-3:  Dammit.  We **** near had Papelbon.  Runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 out, and Figgins at the plate.  Chone struck out looking.  It’s not at all likely that we’ll have that opportunity again.

Nice part was that they made Papelbon throw a LOT a pitches.  Twenty-five that inning, in fact.  Considering that he’ll most probably be back in the 9th (he is the Red Sox closer, of course), the more you tire him, the better your chances.

Speier is in to pitch, and Chone Figgins is in right field for Vladimir Guerrero.  Vladdy was due up 2nd in the 9th, but is now out of the lineup.  Odd.  Now they’re saying that Vladdy is out of the game due to a bruise suffered from the HBP he took in the 7th.  Great, just great.  As if we don’t have enough offensive problems.

Speier has gotten Drew and Varitek to ground out.  2 outs.  Crisp flies out to Figgins in right.  On to the 9th, 3-3 tie.

9:41 PM: Bottom of the 9th, 2 out, 3-3:  This is just **** nerve wracking.  K-Rod is in now, Julio Lugo is on 2nd, Papi coming up.  They’re walking Ortiz, and I can’t blame them a bit.  So two out,   two on, Manny Ramirez vs. Francisco Rodriguez.  Come on, Frankie, I don’t care how shaky you’ve been all year.  We remember the 2002 World Series and how dominating you were.  Channel that.  Get them out.

Nevermind.  Manny hits it out.  Red Sox wins.

Anybody remember what I said a while back? 

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo.


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