Do or Die

Alds_1It’s funny to think that any game this early in October is a "must win," but that’s just the case for the Yankees and Angels today.

It’s not so much that the teams lost, it’s how they lost.  The Angels were completely shut down by Josh Beckett and the Red Sox on Wednesday.  The Yankees were blown out by the Indians yesterday.  In either of these situations, if they lose Game 2, it’ll probably be too big a psychological hurdle to overcome.  The Yankees just need to beat Fausto Carmona tonight (not an easy task).  The Angels need to make a statement that their "small ball" will still be a viable strategy.

As per Wednesday, I’ll be liveblogging tonight’s Angels vs. Red Sox game.  First pitch is at 5:30 PM PST (8:30 PM EST), and I’ll be on MSN Messenger at ANGELSBLOGGING@HOTMAIL.COM.  So be sure to add me and stop by to say hello!

Until game time, cross your fingers, knock on wood, and for God’s sake, put on your lucky article of clothing!


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